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      Company Profile

      Jiaxing Naitong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Naitong Automotive Electronics) was established in May 2013, specializing in the production of various specifications of PVC electronic wires, UL certified wires, terminal wires, flat cables, DC wires, shielded wires, coaxial wires, automotive wires and various electronic special connection line components.Products are widely used in the connection fields of computers, office equipment, power supplies, audio, home appliances, communications, industrial control equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, smart homes and other products.

      The company has senior engineering and manufacturing management personnel, strong technical force, excellent equipment, advanced factory production technology, and perfect quality management system and technical support.The company has always been adhering to the corporate tenet of ”survival by quality and development by science and technology", and is willing to work hand in hand with our colleagues to create a better tomorrow!

      The company is located in Xiuzhou High-tech zone, Jiaxing City. It is only 50 minutes east to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 1 hour south to the central urban areas of Hangzhou and Suzhou. It is close to Wuzhen, a well-known tourist attraction in the country, and the transportation is very convenient.

      Jiaxing Company has a plant area of about 6,500 square meters, divided into 25 production lines according to product categories, with 300 employees and a daily production capacity of about 300Kpcs.

      The company has 12 semi-automatic terminal machines, 13 computer automatic wire cutting machines, 8 fully automatic machines, 11 peeling machines, 35 injection molding machines, 30 testing machines, 2 tensile testing machines, 1 swing testing machine, etc.

      People from all walks of life are welcome to visit the company for guidance.

      Company Culture

      • Corporate Vision

        Corporate Vision

        Become a pioneer in the electronic wiring harness industry

        Corporate Mission

        To provide customers with better service, create greater value for shareholders, and build a broad stage for employees

      • Core Values

        Core Values

        Integrity, enterprising, cooperation, innovation

        Corporate Style

        Integrity, down-to-earth, high-quality, first-class