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      The company's independent research and development products were officially put into the market

      2015-05-10 00:00:00 嘉興耐通電子科技有限公司 Viewd 212

      The new product developed by our company's engineering team in cooperation with the School of Automotive Applications of a well-known university. After several key stages of development experiments in the laboratory-short-term operation of real vehicles-long-term operation of real vehicles (2 million kilometers), our company's products with independent intellectual property rights have officially entered the practical stage.

      At present, the CNG products in operation in the Chinese market are basically copied from abroad. Due to foreign technical restrictions, the CNG products currently in operation in the market can reach a truly stable and reliable almost “zero”. Due to technical problems, it is impossible to upgrade the copied products.Often it has been updated for several generations in foreign countries, but the older products of others are still being used in China. To upgrade, you must make another copy and always follow the foreign country.

      In this environment, our company is committed to making its own products. Since the establishment of the company, it has recruited talented people and brought together a number of domestic technical personnel in the research and development of gas-fired vehicle projects. It has accumulated mature and advanced technology in the field of gas electronic control system and gas supply system production.After the day and night struggles of a number of high-precision technical personnel IN the CNG automobile industry, the new product reached 150 KM/H highway operation in the first test run, AND it has a very stable super power performance. After many live experiments AND updates, THE product has caught UP WITH THE latest international products IN TERMS of power AND gas saving. The product officially entered the mass production stage IN January 2014. At present, this product is officially named: “NT FAST”, which reflects its advantages of fast assembly, strong power and gas saving.

      The current product functions are as follows:

      1..Built-in OBD adaptive system, no need for external OBD, modification is faster and more convenient.

      2.has.The one-button automatic calibration function makes gas debugging no longer so advanced, and makes the debugging work of assembly engineers easy and fast.

      3.The gas computer has a built-in high-performance microprocessor to achieve precise control, more powerful power and more gas-saving.

      4.It has the self-diagnosis function of the gas system, which can easily read and reset the fault code.

      5.The low pressure automatically turns oil and prompts the user to function to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

      The company plans to improve the product “OBDII self-learning function” in the second half of 2014 and add the “automatic gas leak alarm function”. We have completely independent intellectual property rights for this product and can update it at any time according to customer needs.

      Customers in all CNG industries are welcome to order or act as agents.